400g Vanilla mix

80g rapeseed oil

40g fresh orange juice

2 oranges zest

4 large eggs and

1 tea spoon of gluten free baking powder (optional) 

How to Prepare:

Put all of the above ingredients into the bowl and mix for a few minutes.

Grease your Pyrex bowl and put the mixture into the bowl.

Make a lid with tin foil and put your bowl into a pot with hot water.

Check regularly to see if it needs water and add water when it needed.

Your cooker should be switched on at medium temperature just to keep the water hot simmering.

Steam it for two hours

You will be amazed by the final result, the sponge texture and of course the taste of your dessert.

Serving suggestions:

You can serve it with gluten free custard or gluten free tiramisu cream

Important Tips:

  1.        You can always tighten the tin foil with a string in such a way to create a small handle so it will be easier for you to pick it up when it is ready.
  2.        But also to stop the tin foil from lifting up during the cooking process so you prevent the steam from escaping during the cooking process.