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The Business:

Our Name and Our Philosophy: “We are what we eat”.

Trilean, which in Gaelic means Trinity, also encompasses the essence of unity; people contain a balance of three basic elements; Mind, Soul and Body, all in unity. These three elements need to be equally well taken care in order to lead a healthy and well-balanced life. What we eat affects our Mind, Soul and Body in many ways, from everyday problems like bloating, to complex issues such as low mood. Eating right helps avoid these problems, and leads to a healthier, happier you.

Our Mission:

We stand firm in our ethos, that people are all individuals and therefore have different needs in all aspects of their day-to-day lives, whether at work, at home, or socialising. While some people wish to eat healthily to feel fit and beautiful, inside and out, others need to follow a special diet programme because of restrictions such as Coeliac disease.

Regardless of the reasons, Trilean Healthy Foods aims to satisfy the needs of every individual, providing them with a range of delicious and nutritious products that everyone can enjoy.

Having special dietary requirements should not mean that your food is bland or lacking in flavour. On the contrary, what we taste and what we see are important factors in the way we enjoy food, which we must never forget. That is why Trilean has dedicated a great deal of time and research to meet our customers’ nutritional needs and provide them with taste satisfaction.

Our Products:

Our main product ranges are free of allergens, such as gluten or lactose, and contain no added sugar. There are two categories; products you can cook yourself and no added sugar snacks. Both of the lines share common qualities such us high nutritional standards, since they are free of harmful preservatives or artificial colorants.

Our Gluten Free Products:

Modern life leaves us little time to cook, and a large proportion of the population prefers to use pre-cooked dishes, which are usually full of preservatives and of low nutritional value. However, our products can save you time, because they are easy to cook, and they can help you stay healthy, as they are natural products with no artificial preservatives. For example, in our Cream Caramel Pudding we managed to achieve the orange colour by using Turmeric, a natural product.

Our No Added Sugar Snacks:

These include chocolates, healthy bars, biscuits and spreads for bread, all with no added sugar, free from artificial preservatives, and made with fresh fruits and nuts. They are suitable for diabetics, or for those who just want to make a healthy change to the way they eat. These are snacks full of pure natural energy for those who wish to stay healthy and full of power throughout their lives, whilst being able to enjoy a tasty snack.